coffee in amsterdam

Sometimes you are so used to your own culture that you can’t see the things that are unordinary. Like drinking three cups of coffee a day, for instance. One of our very wonderful guests told us that the Dutch drink the most coffee in the world. An average Dutch person drinks 2,4 cups of coffee a day, an Italian about 0,3 and in Nigeria they hardly drink any coffee at all. Who knew!? This is why you can expect a lot of coffee places to enjoy coffee in Amsterdam, or any other Dutch village for that matter. Since we have a lot of coffee fanatics, there are a lot of local coffee roasters to find in Amsterdam. We listed three of them for you.


In a very quiet street near the Leidseplein, there is a cute little place called Sweet Cup. They have one main goal and that is to give their guests and excellent cup of coffee. Because coffee is more than just a caffeine fix. The owner of the place, Paul, roasts everything himself and in-house. He has years of experience and is continuously fine-tuning his technique.


This coffee roaster, founded by Kees Kraakman, is of high quality and situated in Amsterdam North. Stadsbranderij Noord roasts its beans on a weekly basis for their loyal customers. Their biggest clientele are the Amsterdammers living in North.


Bocca is about beautiful coffee and doing just that for fifteen years already. The roasters at Bocca are both perky and curious. But that helps them in wanting to learn everything about coffee and getting done what is most important: buying beautiful coffee beans, roasting their beans well and fresh and creating a decent cup of coffee. At Bocca they take their profession seriously.

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