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Lisa Schuil is a travel inspirator and the owner of online travel magazine NoNoPlaces. Being a lover of everything beautiful the world has to offer, she decided to make two places her home: Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur. We asked Lisa about her business and to share some of her city favourites in these two cities.

Lisa Schuil NoNoPlaces


FH: Why did you decide to start a company in the travel business?
LS: “I love traveling and wanted to start a travelblog/ online magazine a long time ago. I want to share my travel experience with people, but I never had the time for it. I recently moved to Kuala Lumpur and decided that this was the right time to start the travelblog/ online magazine NoNoPlaces.”

FH: What is the purpose of NoNoPlaces?
LS: “My goal is to create a platform where people share their travel stories. Readers can also find short informational stories, travel inspiration and passionate people who practice a travel profession.”

FH: Which destination is still on your wishlist to write a travel report about?
LS: “There are many destinations on my wish list such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and many more.”


FH: How do you experience living in Amsterdam?
LS: “I can enjoy the crowd in Amsterdam. The diversity, cosiness and appearance of the city always makes me happy.”

FH: What is your favourite lunch spot in Amsterdam?
“Unfortunately, I do not have a favourite lunch spot in Amsterdam. I try to find as many nice restaurants as possible when I’m going out for lunch. Discovering new restaurants is a challenge for me.”

FH: What is your favourite place to have dinner in Amsterdam?
LS: “My current favourite is the MOS Amsterdam restaurant. It’s very cosy and not too formal. The food is delicious as well!”

city favourites nonoplaces




FH: Are you excited to start living in Kuala Lumpur? What do you expect of it?
LS: “Yes! I am excited to discover a new culture and I look forward to new adventures and meeting new people. And frankly, I have no expectations. I always try to make the best of it wherever I am. Expectations can be disappointing sometimes, which is why I don’t have them. I’m just going to experience and enjoy Kuala Lumpur as much as possible.”

FH: What is your favourite lunch spot in Kuala Lumpur?
LS: “I don’t have a favourite lunch spot over here as well. The difference between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur though, is that at every corner or in every shopping mall you can find a restaurant where you can eat good food. Kuala Lumpur really is a food heaven.”

FH: What is your favourite place to have dinner in Kuala Lumpur?
LS: “Unfortunately, I still haven’t found my favourite restaurant yet. I already visited a lot of restaurants with good food, but I don’t have a favourite one. There is so much to discover: I want to try them all!”

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