Recently we received the best invite ever. The question: if we were up for a champagne weekend in France? Well, yes! No doubt about it! FROM HERE is all about travelling and exploring the world while feeling like a local. No wonder that our team is putting in their best effort to spot beautiful places around the world as well. Because, why not feel like a local in Épernay, France for instance? Épernay is known for being the champagne village of the world. If you’re a fan of champagne: this is the place to be. We had the pleasure to sleep at beautiful B&B Magna Quies on the Avenue de Champagne. Here, we were welcomed with a bottle of champagne from their own brand, delicious!

champagne weekend in france

champagne weekend in france

champagne weekend in france


With good champagne comes good food. At least, that’s our humble opinion. And while enjoying a weekend in France, you should also enjoy French cuisine. We visited two great restaurants. The restaurant on the first day, la Banque, is situated in a characteristic old bank building. We had a wonderful three course dinner and tasted rich flavours. The portions are very generous as well. The second restaurant, Symbiose, was a bit more modern and experimental. We would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes unique combinations that pair well together.

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