cats of amsterdam

You either hate them or you don’t. But at FROM HERE, we love them: the cats of Amsterdam. They’re enjoying the warmest places in every home – near the window – and that makes them very picturesque. The life of a cat in Amsterdam has its challenges like our bike culture for instance. What that looks like? You can find out in the wildlife movie: Wild Amsterdam. A very cool cat tells his story of surviving in the city.

Rather pet a cat instead of watching a movie about them? That’s also possible in our beautiful city. There is a really nice cat café where you are able to cuddle and pet all day. Where? At the Amsterdam Cat Café! And while we’re at it: let’s finish the day with a visit to the Cat Museum Kattenkabinet. Find expositions with paintings and sculptures about these animals at this lovely museum.

We also get it if you’re not up for all of this. Sometimes pictures are all you need to satisfy your fluffy needs. We found some pretty sweet pictures for you on Instagram. Ready? Here they are!




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