café george

Sometimes you just find the perfect evergreen restaurant you keep on returning to time after time. Café George is one of those restaurants, in our opinion. Well, more of a brasserie or a bistro really. But you know what we mean. Its interior style is a nice mix between French bistro and American diner. Probably the reason why you’ll find both French as American dishes on the menu.

We are also not the only ones who are fond of this restaurant. All kinds of known and a little bit more unknown Dutch celebrities like to wine and dine over here. Steak tartare with a glass of champagne? Coming your way! Rather have a club sandwich with a bottle of sparkling Marie Stella Maris water? No problem. Though you have to wait for your food and drinks sometimes, it is worth it. In the meantime, just sit back, relax and enjoy the local crowd at Café George.

café george club sandwich
We like our club without bacon, but the one with bacon will be pretty tasty too, we bet.

Want to explore more restaurants you should visit? Check them out over here. You can find Café George at Leidsegracht 84 in Amsterdam.

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