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Where can I rent a bike in Amsterdam? This is a question we often get when our guests want to rent a bike for one of our tours. Sometimes we don’t know where to start with our answer. There is a rich bike life / bike culture in Amsterdam and therefor there are numerous options to rent a bike. And there are more options than only renting.. We even have options to swap a bike or to rent a public transport bike. So, just to make things easy, here are some great options when you want to experience Amsterdam by bike!


The most chosen option by many visitors is still the good old renting option. We often recommend to check with your hotel or bed & breakfast location first before renting a bike. Most hotels and B&B’s have their own bikes and it would be super easy to just grab a bike from there. No bikes at your sleeping address? No worries. The city is loaded with nice places to rent a bike. You can easily find one in streets near you. Our favourite bike rental place in the city is Holland Rent a Bike and our favourite in Amsterdam Noord is Tip Amsterdam Noord (the people are really nice over there).


This sounds more odd than it is. Throughout the whole Netherlands, you have the option to rent a public transport bike called the OV-fiets. So, when you arrive at a train station, it is possible that you are able to rent a bike over there. Curious to see at which train stations you can grab a bike within the blink of an eye? You can find it here. Another positive thing about these bikes is that they’re not that expensive. For only €4,00 you can rent a bike for 24 hours. On the other hand, you have to do some extra effort in order to rent a bike wherever you like. You need a personal public transport card to rent a bike. Also you need to register that card for the biking option in order to take a bike at any location. But, once you’re all set, you’re good to go. Find out how to get a public transport card over here.


New in the Amsterdam bike life scene are the Swap bikes (Swapfiets). You can easily recognise them by the blue tires. The concept explains itself as a kind of lease bike. You don’t have to buy a bike yourself, you just lease one and pay an amount each month. As you can read, this is an option for people that want to visit the Netherlands for longer than a month. Is the bike broken or do you need a small bike reparation? The girls and guys of Swapfiets will bring a new bike to swap with yours within 12 hours. Easy!

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