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Even though the Netherlands is a small country, the Dutch are known for a lot of their achievements. For instance: we win a lot of medals during the Olympics. But also for our beautiful Dutch models. The characteristics of these models are loved by many around the globe. Which model is your favourite?


Doutzen is the model of all Dutch models. Known for her beautiful lips, soft skin and her matter of fact character. She also is the mother of two beautiful childeren and commits to charities such as Save the Elephants.


Silke became instantly famous with her presence in the Dutch television show ‘Models in Paris’. Her bright blue eyes and cheerful character make her a pleasure to see in pictures and film. She modelled for a lot of fashion brands including Armani.

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This girl is comes from Friesland too, the same province in the Netherlands where Doutzen was born and raised. You might know Marloes for being a Victoria’s Secret angel. The Dutch Vogue and Elle magazine are a big fan of her as well.

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