amsterdam street style negin mirsalehi

You might have already experienced that is hard to decide what to wear in the Netherlands. “A good reason to have a Amsterdam street style post”, we thought. The Netherlands, and especially Amsterdam, is loaded with talented bloggers that are known around the globe. Does the name Negin Mirsalehi ring a bell? Or maybe you’ve heard about I-lin, Yara Michels, Claartje Rose, Kelpa’s Diary or Queen of Jetlags? Romee Strijd is also a known super model that can be a great inspiration for Amsterdam Winter outfits.

We researched Pinterest real good to provide you with the nicest outfits. The similarity between all outfits is that most of them are still casual. This is also a very Dutch way of dressing: casual chic, as long as it’s comfortable. Do you have any favourite bloggers or Instagrammers that inspire you with their outfits?

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