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At FROM HERE we’re a big fan of chocolate. Who isn’t? We especially love us some fair, Amsterdam chocolate. And we aren’t the only ones, since there are three brands in the city that produce honest chocolate. Read their story!


While America is loaded with the famous Firecracker chocolate (dark chocolate with popping candy, pepper and salt), the Netherlands has none of it. That kind of bothered the people at Chocstar. That is why they started to make fully customised chocolate bars (handmade!) that are delivered straight into your mail box. You can choose from 65 ingredients and create your own chocolate imagination. And the good thing is that their chocolate is made from honest chocolate beans.


Owners Rodney and Enver decided to produce chocolate by their selves. To make the process of  chocolate creation as transparent as possible, they started their own factory. Chocolatemakers was born. Their cacao comes from farmers in Peru, Congo and the Dominican Republic. How they describe their own chocolate? Honest, tough, ecologic, Dutch and delicious.


This is probably the most known brand of the three. Tony Chocolonely is known for their unique flavours in chocolate such as carrot-walnut, popcorn-confetti or cooking pear. All of them are delicious. This brand was originally founded by a bunch of journalists. They found out that all chocolate sold in the Netherlands wasn’t slave free. From that perspective, they created the Tony Chocolonely brand. This is why their bar says: on our way to guilt free chocolate.

Are you curious about these brands? We can take you on a tailor-made tour to these companies. Of course accompanied with a little tasting as well.

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