songs about amsterdam

Paris is described beautifully in all kinds of chansons, Berlin is mentioned in a song of Marlène Dietrich, so how about Amsterdam? There are a decent amount of songs about Amsterdam. From young talents to known artists. Are you curious to find out what kind of songs we’re talking about? Find them below!


This alternative rock band from Britain made a song about Amsterdam and became instantly popular in the Netherlands. And it makes sense, since anyone who visits our beautiful city will leave his or her heart in Amsterdam.

I left my heart in Amsterdam
Where I could dream and nights were long
I left my heart in Amsterdam
I hit my head against the wall
Over, over, over
Again and again and then over


The rap of Rick Ross about Amsterdam is about all the clichés of Amsterdam. The red light district, green leaves and all that kind of stuff. If you read our blog close enough, you know that this city has a lot more in store. But a song about Amsterdam with Ricks’ deep voice shouldn’t be out of this list. Please note that this video is explicit.


There are a lot of songs about Amsterdam, but we had to listen very carefully to discover the meaning of Colplays’ song about Amsterdam. It can be interpreted in multiple ways. We like the interpretation that he’s singing about someone who’s on the end of their rope. But this person eventually finds someone who sets him or her free.


Just like the French, we have a chanson about Amsterdam as well. International known Belgian singer Jacques Brel was kind enough to create this beautiful song about the Venice of the North in the sixties.


Naaz is a great artist that lives in Amsterdam and creates catchy songs (such as ‘Words’) with her unique voice. She also wrote a song about Amsterdam which you should definitely hear live as you won’t find it online. You will find her at Best Kept Secret festival this year on June 8th.

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