As you might know already: it rains 100 minutes a day in the Netherlands. This is not a bad thing, not at all! It gives the Netherlands and other countries the opportunity to design rainwear that you want to wear instantly. Are you planning to visit the Netherlands anytime soon? And do you want to look awesome even when it rains? Then these are three rainwear brands that you want to know and own. With the right gear, you look incredible while you won’t lose a minute exploring the Netherlands.



This Amsterdam-based performance brand lifts the term ‘rainwear’ to a higher level. Combining the ordinary rain suit with the comfort of a onesie, the RAYNSIE was created. The way they see it: there is no such thing as crappy weather, just crappy clothes. We couldn’t agree more! Their cheerful prints make these suits a hot item you want to wear.



Anyone who loves minimalistic Danish design probably knows this brand. The FROM HERE tour guides all wear this brand when it’s raining. To interpret the traditional rain coat in a novel way, RAINS was founded in 2012. The small cap attached to the hoodie became a way to identify a true RAINS rain coat. By launching a new collection every six months, they keep their wear fashionable and stylish.



The designers of majem, Hendrik and Anita, gave a whole new dimension to wearing rainwear on a bike. We love the creativity of this Amsterdam-based design duo! Their coats make it easier to ride a bike, look great and be sustainable all at once. Their gear is made out of recycled plastic and created with the best working conditions for their employees. In this way, you are able to shine wearing their coats and feel guilt-free as well.

Image source RAYNSIE, image source RAINS and image source majem.

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