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It was in the news recently: women rather buy sneakers than high heels. In 2015, 37% chose to buy sneakers and only 33% chose to buy heels when they had the chance to buy a new pair of shoes. And it makes perfect sense: sneakers are way more comfortable than heels. As you know, Amsterdam bursts of creativity regarding fashion. This is why we selected three creative Amsterdam sneaker brands for you.


This label is established by Dutch (former) architect Guillaume Philibert. He wanted to create good, high quality footwear for a reasonable price. Something that wasn’t there on the market yet. By designing a completely new shoe, he wanted to fill the gap between street wear and high-end fashion. Filling Pieces is known for its low top.


SYOU stands for I see you. With this message they want to let the world know that they recognise and see talent everywhere. The brand works together with local talent to create the best and most fair sneakers. They are currently situated in Colombia but are aspiring to conquer more of the world by letting local talent in all types of countries shine.


This high-end footwear label is established by Rendi Aditia. He got inspired at young age by his mother and elder brother wearing high-end brands. The name ‘Mason’ comes from a masonic mentality. This is why the team exists out of people coming from all kinds of backgrounds, gathered in a creative collectiveMason Garments uses the finest Italian materials and leather to create comfortable yet elegant shoes.

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