There are a lot of Amsterdam facts that are commonly known. For instance: there are 1281 bridges and 50 kilometers of canal. You can’t discover everything about Amsterdam during your stay in this beautiful city. But we can help you get to know the city more with these twelve random facts.

  1. There are 180 different nationalities living in Amsterdam. The nationalities of Amsterdam are differing from Russian to Indian and from Maroccan to Ghanese. They do have a few things in common though: a lot of them are young and single (62,7%).
  2. Twenty-eight percent of all gay marriages in the Netherlands are taking place in our capital city.
  3. ‘Porem’ [pronounce as: pohrum] is the Mokum word for face. Mokum is the nickname of Amsterdam.
  4. 84% of the nurses is female at the AMC (Academic Medical Centre) in Amsterdam Zuidoost. It is also a hospital where 207 professors are bringing in their effort to provide the best care as possible.
  5. A lot of the Amsterdammers own a bike. There are currently 881.000 bikes in the city. Two percent of all bikes is a ‘bakfiets’ (cargo bike) and eight percent of all bikes is a racing bike.
  6. 62% of all Amsterdammers is non-religious. 1% is Hindu, 1% is Buddhistic and 1% is Jewish.
  7. Each year the 120 canal cruise boats show 3,8 million passengers the Amsterdam canal sight. Have you been on a canal cruise yet? We can arrange a private canal cruise for you!
  8. AJAX, the professional soccer team of Amsterdam, has won 33 national championships. Though AJAX has a great number of international fans worldwide, the favourite sport of Amsterdammers is fitness.
  9. The three biggest events in Amsterdam are Sail, Kings day and the Amsterdam Light festival. Do you want to experience one of these events? Let us know!
  10. When we go out, we most likely go to the movies (70% of the Amsterdammers).
  11. The Rijksmuseum ranks second in the best day attractions of the Netherlands. Other popular attractions are Artis, the Nemo museum and the Anne Frank house.
  12. There are several great national artists coming from the capital city of the Netherlands. And that’s one of our favourite Amsterdam facts. Have you ever heard music from De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Ramses Shaffy or Caro Emerald? We’ve selected two songs for you (and the one above this post)!



Facts are based on ‘de Bosatlas van Amsterdam’, October 2015 edition.

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