canal ice skating

It has been all over the news the past week. After waiting for a few days, some dare devils were spotted on the ice yesterday. This was the key for all ice skating enthusiasts to go canal ice skating in Amsterdam. If you’re in the city today, make sure to step on the ice yourself. For everyone who isn’t able to see the frozen canals theirselves today, here are ten pictures to enjoy the fun from behind your screen.



This cop can’t resist to go on the ice while leaving for work in this video.

Cheat picture: this one is actually from Copenhagen, but you’ll find the same structure in Amsterdam.

This morning.

So much Amsterdam in one picture: bikes, canals and canal houses.

Traditional Dutch ‘koek en zopie’ on ice (meaning: biscuits and hot chocolate / drinks for sale on a small ice stand)

Happy French famous Instagrammer on ice.

The ice will be pretty crowded today.

Such an idyllic view!

The day that the sluices were closed in order to let the canals freeze.

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